About the E-8 Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System (JSTARS)
System Contractor: Northrop Grumman Corporation
Airframe: Modified Boeing 707-300B
Power plant: Four JT3D-3BET.
Thrust: 16,670 lbs/engine.
Length: 152' 11" (46.6 m)
Wingspan: 145' 9" (44.4 m)
Height: 42' 6" (12.9 m)
Weight: 171,000 pounds (77,565 Kg) - Empty
155,000 pounds (70,307 Kg) - Max Fuel
336,000 pounds (152,408 Kg) - Max Gross
Radar: The Mission Radar is the AN/APY-3 (prime contactor: Northrop/ Grumman). The AN/APY-3 radar is a high performance, multi-mode, airborne radar designed to detect, locate, and classify ground targets.
Primary function: Primary function: Ground surveillance, target detection and tracking to assist ground commanders in understanding the enemy/friendly situation. It also interfaces with ARMY's Ground Station Module (GSM) through a special data link (Surveillance Control Data Link, SCDL) to send and receive target data and Radar Service Requests. JSTARS does for the ground what AWACS does for the air.
Delivery: First production aircraft delivered 11 Jun 96
Maximum fuel weight: 162,214 pounds.
Maximum takeoff weight: 336,000 pounds.
Maximum speed: Mach .84
Aircraft Ceiling: 41,000 feet.
Operating Altitude: 35,000 feet.
Endurance: 11 hours without refueling
Range: More than 2,800 miles
Armament: None
Crew size: 21-34 crew members
Additional Information: 93d Air Control Wing Home Page
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Sources: U.S. Air Force Fact Sheet, Janes: All the World's Aircraft
Bill Richards (Airborne Early Warning Association)

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