JSTARS shows versatility in Black Hawk crew rescue

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JSTARS shows versatility in Black Hawk crew rescue

Post by wildbill » Wed Aug 16, 2006 2:12 pm

By Gene Rector

ROBINS AIR FORCE BASE - Joint STARS crew members from Robins Air Force Base have logged more than 20,000 combat hours and 1,756 missions over Iraq and Afghanistan since October 2001.

But none were more important - and critical - than an early morning foray last week over western Iraq.

Joint STARS has been a lifesaver for ground troops in the war on terror. Using a belly-mounted, 24-foot radar, the Boeing jet can detect, identify and track ground movement at ranges in excess of 150 miles. On-board computers and communications systems then allow crew members to relay real-time information to airborne and ground units.

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