Tring to locate First E-3A Crew

Scheduled for June 2007
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Tring to locate First E-3A Crew

Post by wildbill » Sat Feb 17, 2007 11:51 am

Below is posted the first E-3A crew at Tinker. If anyone knows the where abouts of any of these below please let me know. Please, don't post contact info directly to aewa or this board. Email me ( and I will forward on to the search committee. Note the ones in bold have been located.

966 th ATS-1

AFSC Position NAME
1325T AC Maj Hardy, Maury
K1325T CP Maj Price, J.A. Jay
K1565T Nav Maj Harnack, E.D. Don
A113X0C FE MSgt Olsen, J.T. John
1716 MCC Maj Carpenter, D.M. Daryl
1716 SD Maj North, J.C. Jim
1744G WD Maj Dimity, C.F. Chip
1744G WD Capt Grady, R. Bob
1744G WD Capt Sullivan, C.R. Chuck
1744D ASO Capt Thompson, D.H. Dan
A276X0 AST CMSgt Williamson, J.E. Chief
A276X0 AST MSgt Anderson, R.A. Andy
A276X0 AST MSgt Harper, R.R. Randy
A293X3 RO SSgt Jennings, G.J. Gil
A305X4 CDMO MSgt Taylor, C.H. Chuck
A328X0 CT MSgt Barnett, J.N.
A328X2 ART MSgt Grein, T.A. Ted

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