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Submissions for the AEWA Logo Contest. Voting will begin on or about 7 April 2007.
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Contest Winner

Post by wildbill » Mon Apr 30, 2007 1:48 pm

Richards, Bill CIV (DISA Oklahoma City) brichards at
Tue Apr 17 15:56:43 CDT 2007

The winner if the AEWA Logo Contest is Don Summers design number one.
Thanks for everyone who voted. Hopefully by the 30th Anniversary we
will have some AEWA items branded with our new logo!

I'd also like to thank the submitters. I would like to send you
something for your efforts if you could send me your home snail mail
addresses to wildbill at aewa dot org

AEWA Logo Contest (Voting 9-15 April) Results:

Glenn Richmond Submission 2% 3 Votes
Don Summers Submission 50% 64 Votes
Dave Barr Submission 1% 1 Votes
Rob Frechette Submission 29% 38 Votes
Don Summers 2nd Submission 13% 17 Votes