TSgt-MSgt Robert "Bob" Saunders Operator Montauk went AWACS

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TSgt-MSgt Robert "Bob" Saunders Operator Montauk went AWACS

Post by doc5555 » Thu Jul 05, 2012 11:50 am

Bob Saunders was stationed with(Jim) me and my wife Rieko Darling @ Montauk 773rd AFS back in 1976-81. He was /is a great friend of our. He is a avid weight lifter and marathon runner, rides a Harley and is Korean American. He was adopted as a baby by a Minister in Des Moines Iowa in late 1940's.Which would mean he graduated from some Iowa High School in ?1966-69? He would be about 62-66 now. I do know he went into AWACS after Montauk shut down and he was @ Tinker and then on west coast. Then the trail goes cold. I have no DOB, or any other Info.
If anyone has ANY Knowledge or has some elaborate search engine to locate Bob Saunders for us , Rieko and I would really appreciate it. Please post here or send to darlingunited@yahoo.com.
GodBless & TruePeace
Jim Darling, Sgt USAF 1975-84, 1990-91
Montauk AFS
Hurlburt Field/Eglin

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