LOCKHEED EC-121 Warning Star
About the LOCKHEED EC-121 Warning Star
Manufactuer: The Lockheed Aerospace Company
Airframe: Modified Lockheed Contellation
Power plant: Four Wright R-3350s.
Power: 3,400 Horsepower each engine.
Length: 116 ft. 2 in.
Wingspan: 126 ft. 2 in.
Height: 27 ft. 0 in.
Radar: Search Radar: AN/APS-20 (original) AN/APS-95 (upgrade)
Height finder: AN/APS-45 (original) AN/APS-103 (upgrade)
Nicknames: Warning Star (Official), Super Connie, Connie
Primary function: Airborne Early Warning
Delivery: 1953
Maximum fuel weight: 145,000 pounds
Maximum speed: 290 mph.
Aircraft Ceiling: 18,000 feet
Operating Altitude: 18,000 feet
Endurance: Official endurance is currently unknown. Longest mission reported by crew member is 17.05 hours (May 22, 1958 - 961 AC&W).
Range: 4,000 miles
Radar range: AN/APS-95 - 250 nm
AN/APS-45 - 120 nm
AN/APS-103 - 160 nm
AN/APS-20 - Unknown.
Armament: None.
Crew size: Varies, but a typical crew consisted of 6 Officers and 11 Enlisted.

          2 Pilots
          2 Navigators
          2 Weapons Controllers


          2 Flight Engineers
          1 Radio Operator
          6 Radar Operators
          2 Radar Technicians
Sources: Janes: All the World's Aircraft & EC-121 Crewmember: Jim Lawler
Last Update: 5/22/97
By: Bill Richards

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