Radar Frequency Bands
Band Designation Frequency Range Typical Usage
VHF 50-330 MHz. Very long-range surveillance
UHF 300-1,000 MHz. Very long-range surveillance
L 1-2 GHz. Long-range surveillance, enroute traffic control
S 2-4 GHz. Moderate-range surveillance, terminal traffic control, long-range weather
C 4-8 GHz. Long-range tracking, airborne weather
X 8-12 GHz. Short-range tracking, missile guidance, mapping, marine radar, airborne intercept
K u 12-18 GHz. High resolution mapping, satellite altimetry
K 18-27 GHz. Little used (H 20 absorption)
K a 27-40 GHz. Very high resolution mapping, airport surveillance
mm 40-100+ GHz. Experimental
Source: AIAA (American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics)

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