Taiwan AWACS Enhanced

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Taiwan AWACS Enhanced

Post by wildbill » Mon Dec 12, 2011 9:57 am

November 20, 2011: Taiwan is sending another two of its E-2T AWACS aircraft to the U.S. for upgrading to the E-2C 2000 standard. Two Taiwanese E-2Ts were sent last year. The upgrade will cost about $63 million per aircraft.

The E-2T is very similar to the E-2C. Meanwhile, it was only last year that the U.S. Navy received its first E-2D aircraft. This is the latest version of the E-2 Hawkeye radar aircraft that was originally introduced in 1964. The two engine, 24 ton E-2 was never produced in large quantities (fewer than a hundred are in use). Four years ago, the E-2 fleet reached a milestone, of a million flight hours.


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