Pilot - Modified Gulfstream IIB

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Pilot - Modified Gulfstream IIB

Post by Rich Campbell » Fri Apr 20, 2007 1:40 pm

Captain Corp Aircraft Jet
Job Number 2007-0402
This is a full-time, exempt position in the Aviation Operations - Engineering Department

Specific Job Tasks
Responsible for the operations of government/company aircraft in flight for ensuring safety of flights to which they are assigned. Coordinates with maintenance personnel to analyze and correct aircraft discrepancies. May conduct demonstration flight with customers, government officials, or other personnel aboard to exhibit aircraft system capabilities.

The duties of a PIC (Pilot in Command) include but are not limited to:

Comply with schedules, and other directives governing the aircraft operation. Prepare flight plans, as applicable per FARSs, Defense Contractor Management Agency (DCMA) and Company Policies and Procedures. Comply with published standard operating procedures.
Exercise full command of the aircraft and crew during flight. He is responsible for the efficient conduct of the flight and for the safety of the aircraft, crew, passengers, and cargo.
Insure that pre-flight inspections are performed.
Proper servicing of the aircraft by qualified personnel while en route.
Review and calculate the aircraft weight and balance, fuel on board, and performance charts.
Supervise the first officer (Second In Command (SIC)) in any duties necessary for the smooth, safe, and efficient operation of the aircraft.
Preparation of all flight reports kept in the aircraft, and the preparation of reports on irregularities of incidents with regard to the flight.
Responsibility for his flight time limitations, and maintaining his qualifications with reference to route and airports, landings, instrument currency, aircraft, and his physical requirements, and is responsible for notifying the Chief Pilot of changes in such qualifications.
Make decisions necessary to start, delay, cancel the flight, or deviate the flight from planned route or destination, when operating conditions dictate.

8 years exp. w/ related B.S. or 16-18 years of experience.

Must possess ATP license with G1159 TYPE Rating, pass Class 2 physical examination, and flight proficiency test.

Must be a U.S. citizen.

Must pass a drug screen test.

Ability to obtain the required security clearance.

Ability to pass altitude chamber, and egress training.


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