Hayes (Logan), Jane, MAj USAF (Ret)

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Hayes (Logan), Jane, MAj USAF (Ret)

Post by wildbill » Sat Dec 19, 2015 3:37 pm

Jane Hayes, retired Major and Pilot in the 965th AWACS, passed away Tuesday night (15 Dec 2015) in her sleep. It is believed she had a stroke but no autopsy will be done.

Jane was an enlisted Air Traffic Controller when she was accepted to OTS and flight school. After graduating flight school she stayed on and was a T-38 instructor pilot. I believe AWACS was her follow on assignment and I first met her when she was a Captain in the 965th AWACS Squadron. Her name at that time was Jane Logan. She married Tom Hayes , who was also in the 965th. They moved to Mountain Home as part of the Composite Unit there. At some point they were also in Alaska and this might have been between the Tinker and Mountain Home assignments.

After retirement she flew for Horizon Airlines, a subsidiary of Alaska Airlines, and then for United Airlines. She was laid off from United after the Islamic attack on the United States. Soon after this she came to work at Boeing. She was with Boeing 8 years when she retired and moved to Massachusetts, where she was living at the time of her death.

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