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Off-Station Calls - CMSgt Richard C. Johnson

Posted: Wed Feb 07, 2018 4:11 pm
by Chief Redbird
CMSgt Richard C. Johnson, ART, called off-station 2/6/2018.

Chief Johnson was on the AWACS Test Team at Boeing in the early 1970’s and PCS’d to Tinker AFB in January 1977 as a MSgt where he was NCOIC of Radar Technician Training from Jan 1977 to Jun 1978. He then moved to Wing Staff at one of the DO Offices (DOC or DOT). Later was promoted to SMSgt while at Tinker AFB in the later 1970’s.

In January 1982 he was reassigned to Geilenkirchen AB, Germany where he was NCOIC of Radar Technician Training for the NATO ARTs. He was promoted to CMSgt while at Geilenkirchen in 1984.

After his tour in GK he was assigned to Moody AFB, GA as Superintendent of Avionics Maintenance. He Retired at Moody and settled down in Punta Gorda, FL, on the West Coast of Southern Florida.