Animating an E-2C scale model

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Animating an E-2C scale model

Post by stan2004 » Fri Sep 02, 2005 1:18 am

I’m planning on building an animated 1/72 scale (about 1 ft wingspan) model of an E-2C starting up for a cat launch. The rotodome will turn at 6 RPM, the turboprops will spool up independently, and all action will be synchronized to an audio track. The scale modeling sites basically aren’t strong on animation so I’m asking here. Any info on the following or hints on where to look would be appreciated.

1. List of lights. So far from various photos, I have the twin headlights, red and green wing tips flush on the leading edge, a white tail light, red light on top of rightmost rudder, and a formation EL strip halfway back on the fuselage. What am I missing?

2. Sequence of operation of the lights. I can turn on lights independently but would this be realistic? In what order are they turned on? Why is it on all night photos I’ve seen, the headlights are not on?

3. Is the red rudder light a rotating red beacon like on a Nighthawk? Or does it flash? Do any of the other lights flash?

4. When does the rotodome start spinning relative to lights turning on and props starting?

5. It would be too hard to unfold the wings in a model of this size. That said, would the suspension of disbelief be too much if the props start up with the wings already extended?

6. I have the publicly available Princeton Tiger recordings of crew talk which I can embed on the soundtrack but was wondering if there are other publicly available recordings.

Thanks in advance for any help.


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