8-engine Awacs?

E-3, E-3, E-737, E-767, EC-121, etc.
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Dago Redd
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Post by Dago Redd » Sat Feb 22, 2003 1:56 pm

FYI, here's a link to an update I just put up for any AWACS historical buffs out there.

It shows a very early conceptual depiction of what the E-3 could've ended up looking like (with 8 engines, that is!) Enjoy!

Here's the link:

<a href='http://members.cox.net/diaperdawg/Web%2 ... sboard.htm' target='_blank'>Brassboard.htm</a>



Dago Redd

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Post by wildbill » Tue Feb 25, 2003 8:43 pm

Dago - That's pretty interesting. Probably a design from a Buff Engineer!!! But it's a neat (an ew) piece of AWACS history for sure.


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8 engine

Post by HEAVYFE » Tue Nov 01, 2005 12:26 pm

GEEEEEEEEEEEEEZ...and I thought B-52s were bad....hummmm......an E-3 water wagon................ooookay.

Anyway.... wanted to ask regarding weight and fuel efficiency. As a former E-3 FE with over 5,000 hrs of dome time......just curious what the current Basic Operating Weights are these days. When I started in 1980 they were @ 178,000 lbs........by the time I left in 1990 we were up to 181,000.

Could someone bring me up to speedon the weights ?


boss hawg
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Post by boss hawg » Thu Jan 26, 2006 4:57 am

187000 is a good figure for the USAF according to the flight manual manager.

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