To Honor and Remember

The image above is close replica of the display presented to the 962 AACS.

A 962nd AACS patch and scarf were flown aboard the Space Shuttle Columbia in February of 1996 during mission STS-75. Each of these two items represent many different things to E-3 crew members, but one theme is consistent throughout -- a squadron patch and scarf are always Special to those who have flown with them and thus representative of our brethren who departed September 22nd 1995 on that Fateful Mission.

The Airborne Early Warning Association requested that these items be flown on STS-75 in memory of the crew of E-3 tail number 354, mission number I2M220 through a former 963d AWACS Blue Knight and ground crew chief for the shuttle Columbia, Grant "Kodak" Cates.

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