Crud - Is a team game that's played on a billiards or snooker table with a cue ball, and a striped ball. No other equipment is neccessary except for pen, paper, and maybe two rolls of toilet paper (to plug the side pockets if the pool table is too small). Teams consist of any number of people, equally divided to two teams. One referee is usually required.

The Origins - Crud is Canadian in Origin, and was originally an RCAF tradition. It has been adopted by many air forces around the world as something to do on TGIF night. If anyone knows more of the history, then please feel free to add.

The Object - The object of the game is to win prizes' (dependent on whether or not you happen to be of the age of majority where you live ;-)...) from your opponent. To do this, you must kill your oppenents 3 times. How do you do this? Details later.

How the game runs - The game runs by placing the cue ball on one end of the table, and the striped ball on the other end. The first person up to 'throw' the cue ball is known as the server. He/she has three chances to strike the ball. If they should miss all three times, then they inflict a 'kill' on themselves, and the next person in the rotation becomes the server. However, if the server hits the ball, and the ball moves at least 6 inches, then the receiver (the first person in the order from the other team) becomes the server and must retrieve the cue ball, and shoot it at the striped ball. Then if the ball is sucessfully struck, then the second person from the first team must now retrieve the cue ball, becoming the server and this continues... You must hit the striped ball before it stops spinning/moving, or else you lose a life (more later). Easy? I think not. First, you must respect the table rules. You may only shoot from the ends of the tables. At any time when you shoot the cue ball, umm, the mid line of your body must not pass the corner ends of the pool table. If this does happen, either the referee or spectators will yell a very distinct word which will serve notice of this fact. You then lose a life (more on this later).

Gentlemans/womans rules; The Role of the blocker - The receiver (the next person in order on the opposite team when a server is serving either at beginning of during play) may serve to distract the person who is serving. This may be done by waving ones hands in front of the servers face, yelling verbal niceties and other distracting measures. However, at no time is the blocker to come in contact with the server. Why should you attempt to block with all the heart you have? More later...

Combat Rules; The role of the blocker - Basically, the blocker plays the same role in combat rules crud as in gentlemans crud. However, in this version, the blockers may distract the shooter by any means possible. Blocking, well placed elbows, etc... Why should you attempt to block with much chutzpah? More now...

Rackin' up kills - There are basically two ways to kill...kill your oppenents, or inflict kills upon ones self.

Ways to rack up kills on your oppenents - If at any time you have the cueball, then you have a chance to kill your oppenents. If you hit the striped ball with the cueball, and the striped ball goes in, then you have placed a kill on your oppenent. But who is killed, the last enemy or the next? Well, this is up to the referee. If it is judged that the blocker did not block effectively enough, then the blocker (the next person in the order on the opposite team) shall be killed. If it is judged that the previous shooter had set up too easy of a shot, then he/she shall be killed. If the blocker is to be 'killed', then the referee rules 'no hustle'. If the previous shooter is to be 'killed', then the referee rules 'previous'. If no referee is present, then it may be decided before the game on whom shall be 'killed' (always the next, or always the previous player).

The many ways to inflict kills on yourself -

Umm...How do I know when I win? - Your team wins, when everyone on the opposite team has been 'killed' three times. They then must buy you the beverage of your choice (if you are legally entitled to it).

Crud: The Free for all Version... - This is an every aviator for himself version of crud. Instead of having teams, all interested parties write their names down in order somewhere handy, or they just remember them. Same Rules as the Team game apply for the most part, although some people play with blockers being only the receivers, whilst for a smaller game (3-4 people) everyone may block and create a great amount of havok. People drop out of the game as soon as they have been 'killed' 3 times. Last airman/airwoman standing wins.

Disclaimer - Crud is a game that is intended for responsible people. There is a great possibility that people may be injured during the game, even if playing gentlemans rules. Therefore, please exercise the most care when playing it. Although it is fun, there should be a limit to it. Please use your good judgement and sense when playing crud. I shall be in no ways held liable should you choose to play this game. Otherwise, have fun.

Additional Word of Warning - Some places do not like you playing crud on their pool/snooker tables. Ask before you play. Otherwise, have fun, play safe and all that...
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