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The Airborne Early Warning Association is a not for profit Professional Organization and does not charge members fees or dues. Thus AEWA must rely on donations and sales of prints and AEW products. All proceeds from these sales go to support the AEWA web site.

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AWACS Flying Hour Pins

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Set of Four Flying Hour Pins 1K thru 4K

These antique gold metal pins are 1" wide and 5/8" high. The die cut pins have raised metal surfaces that
are highly polished to a luster finish while the recessed areas are left with a sandblasted look.

$11.00 (a savings of $1.00 and includes s&h)

1K Flying Hour Pin
$3.00 each (includes s&h)

2K Flying Hour Pin
$3.00 each (includes s&h)

3K Flying Hour Pin
$3.00 each (includes s&h)

4K Flying Hour Pin
$3.00 each (includes s&h)

5K Flying Hour Pin
Sold Out

6K Flying Hour Pin
Sold Out
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